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GS Burroughs was made in England in 1971. He was named Gary by his parents and has never quite forgiven them. Even at school he knew he wanted to be a writer. Work books contained plot suggestions and character descriptions and nothing much by the way of actual work, which may account for his leaving school with nothing by way of qualifications. 

At various points in his life he has been a schoolboy, milkman, unemployed, depressed, unemployed, logger, mature student, unemployed, Dixon's slave, HSBC slave, Sky television engineer, suspended, Sky TV engineer, suspended, Sky TV engineer, suspended, unemployed, water cooler engineer. 

At various times throughout his working career he has written half a dozen crime books, without ever having put pen to paper. 

He wrote a Stop Smoking book after the death of his mother. He hasn't been able to stop writing since. It's become something of an addiction.

Scholes of the Yard is his first non fiction book. There will be more. Please ask if you want to know more.

He is an Agatha Christie expert, and has long since forgotten more about the Queen of Crime than most people will ever know. He doesn't like the Agatha Christie Trust or the recent decisions they have made re her works. 

Among the works of fiction due to be written amidst the tragedy of having to work for a living are stories about 13 dead people, an old lady that thinks she's about to be murdered and a fictionalised account of the life of one of the 20th Century's most daring criminals. 

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