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When I started writing Scholes of the Yard I had every intention of making my book available to agents and publishers so that it could be made into the very best book of its kind. With the right help, professional editing, and professional guidance leading me the right way, I felt my book could be turned into the very best version of what I knew would be an excellent book.

Unfortunately publishers no longer want to talk to writers. They have better things to do. 

Sadly, agents will only talk to writers if they're famous. Footballers for instance. Or relatives of murder victims. Or pop stars. People who will be able to sell their books merely by mentioning their name. 

Not writers. Nope. On yer bike. 

Undeterred I plodded on. I sent chapters of my book, bios and intros, to a dozen agents and publishers, carefully following their 'submission guidelines.'

None ever replied.


So I have worked even harder to produce my book, aided and abetted by my family and girlfriend, who have read and re-read and made changes and suggested alterations until my head pounded with agony, and my eyes bulged from their sockets. 

I never wanted to self publish. But I had a vision and I was going to see it through to the end regardless. My sole goal was to make my book as professional as possible, and somehow throw off the cloak of 'self publishing.'

So I started my own company with the intention of publishing my own work. Scholes of the Yard is my first title under this imprint and it won't be the last. I have a number of other non-fiction works in the early stages of preparation and a somewhat stupid idea that I may be able to write a couple of fictiony type books. Let's see what next year brings....


Publishers and agents.....


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